Oct 31, 2022


Raizcorp is a business incubator based in Sandton, South Africa, with presence throughout South Africa and into Southern Africa. They provide business support for enthusiastic and growth-hungry entrepreneurs, offering them a platform that fosters learning, and guidance that can be translated into practical business success.

Raizcorp has partnered with Salt since 2021, utilising our Campus to run their asynchronous entrepreneurship programmes, and as of 2023, will be running their main entrepreneurship programmes on our campus, as well as utilising a custom web app for their strategy-support solution.

In 2000, Raizcorp was founded in Johannesburg, South Africa as an entrepreneurial and business support service provider. It has since evolved to a point where it can proudly declare itself to be Africa’s only sustainable business incubator – although it prefers their own term, Prosperator™. Indeed, according to The Economist, it is the only genuine incubator in Africa*.


At any given time, Raizcorp support over 500 businesses on high-touch business growth programmes, and serves a further 3 000 entrepreneurs or would-be entrepreneurs every year on other entrepreneurial development programmes. Since its inception, it has worked with over 14 000 companies in its incubation programmes, and over 10 000 more in other entrepreneurial programmes. It currently supports businesses in South Africa, Tanzania, Uganda, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, USA, France and Mauritius.

Drawing on almost two decades of experience working with so many entrepreneurs and on the best practices of business support and development models worldwide, Raizcorp has created Prosperation – its own unique, world-renowned model for the support and development of entrepreneurs. It provides support for enthusiastic, growth-hungry entrepreneurs using a methodology that fosters learning and guidance, and translates into practical business success.

* “Raizcorp is the only genuine incubator in Africa, which provides full-service enterprise and development programmes that guide entrepreneurs to profitability.” The Economist, April 8th–4th 2017

Visit their website to find out more.

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